Thursday, December 28, 2006

First post

Bloody bloody. Maybe I should start blogging. I don't know why though... maybe because I've taught myself touch typing. One gets satisfaction from using one's skills.

I had an idea today: drunk cleaning. It's the perfect leisure pastime for family men and overachievers. You get to be drunk, but if you clean the household thoroughly while getting intoxicated you will be appreciated by your wife and, probably, gladly surprised the next morning. And moral hangover will be if not quite nonexistent, then significantly smaller than if you had obtained it while slouching on the couch or doing something else unrespectable.

This is a theory I invented today, by myself, and it belongs to me. I will know tomorrow morning, whether or not the moral hangover will be less significant than usual. But this theory seems very plausible today, after I've vacuumed, mopped and drunk some red wine.

I don't know is this qualifies as the most boring blog in the world yet, but I assure you that I'm doing my best. The standards in this area seem to be quite high today. But I'll keep on trying, stay tuned for more boring, totally insignificant musing, whatever "stay tuned" means today.

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