Friday, September 18, 2009

Random writing

Hey, even though I've been kind of a silent lately, I can still write! Just look at this, these are clearly words, arent't they? And you're entertained, aren't you? You must admit that you just clicked the bookmark, thinking along the lines of "oh, the old bastard hasn't published in 4 months, he's not gonna do it now, might as well erase the bookmark, what am I doing anyway, might as well do something useful with my life", didn't you?

And then you were exhilarated that there actually was a new post after an incohembresingly... indchoret.. wtf... incomb... (damn, am I that drunk already?) incomprehensibly long period of dryness. Well, honestly, I'm sorry that I ever caused your life to be miserable, and I'll try to make it up by writing something even though I haven't much to say. Hopefully, my superior writing skills will make it all up.

So, in lieu of an actual subject, I'd thought I'd just click on a random Wikipedia article, and then write about what comes up. Let's see what happens.

1) Self-averaging

Ahem. Physics. Anyway, I'll have to make the link open in a new window first, then I can concentrate on the writing. This was, like, a test.

2) Maratha light infantry

Erm. You ever wonder about the word "infantry"? You know, infant == child, so what the hell is an infantry? A childry? Otherwise, thinking about an Indian army makes me think of Indiana Jones and eating of monkey brains.

3) Raunds Co-operative Society

They tell me that "The society operated a large supermarket and a department store in Raunds, and as of 2007 held 350 acres (1.4 km2) of farmland at Northdale Farm, farming wheat and oilseed rape. [2] It had 4,297 members in 2003.[3] It was a subscriber to the Co-operative Party and a customer member (shareholder) of the Co-operative Wholesale Society."

Well, that's just neat, you're co-operating and stuff. Oh boy, I didn't know the wikipedia is this boring. Next, please!

4) Les Riggs

Oh, who? A footballer? Spare me. I wonder if there's anything more boring than ancient sports statistics. Have you noticed that whenever you google up a person's name, most of the search results are local sports statistics? And in any sports event, there are always enough people participating to ensure that the first & last name combination you are searching for is included. Google should have an option for filtering out sports results.

5) The Defuser

A fictional character portrayed in a reality show? What?

Ok, I'm going to have to skip some entries, these are just impossible. I'll rule out actual persons that I've never heard of. And then some. The Wikipedia is just too large.

6) Beppi's restaurant

Good for you, Beppi. You got yourself a restaurant. Even though the location is somewhat unfortunate. I hear that in a couple of decades, it will be unbearably warm over there, so you'll have to move.

7) Advanced Pico Beena

Wow. A computer for Japanese kids. Hopefully it's better than the Rölli "laptop" for kids we have in Finland. Which is a product I just can't understand for two reasons:
1) Rölli is a troll living in in the forest. What's he got to do with computers? If he'd find one he'd probably try to eat it, or throw it in the lake.
2) The computer has got a screen of about the size of a stamp, wrapped in a mound of plastic of about the size of a real laptop. The functionality is worse than of a 90's cell phone. Who's buying these things? Oh yeah, the elderly, the grandparents. I know that they mean well, but it's us, the parents who have to go throw these environmental hazards in the lake. I don't enjoy it any more than you do, except when I hit an endangered sea bird square in the forehead, but what can I do. Can't let the offspring get used to an inferior UI. Might be detrimental to their career later.

8) Mothers against decantaplegic homolog 4

Apparently, scientists have a sense of humour, or something resembling it:
"The phrase "Mothers against" was added since mothers often form organizations opposing various issues eg. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)."

And the pic is nice too.
9) Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission

It's probably the best for everyone that they have these commissions for regulating whatnot. If they didn't, everyone would just go crazy, spending gas and electricity like silly. Actually, there was a situation like this in our household lately. I was going to use common funds to purchase an Xbox. My finger was already on the right button on the mouse, the pointer of which was already on the "Submit" button of the online shop, but the commission overruled my decision to click in the last minute. Which is, probably, good for all of us, in the long run.

10) Knowie

Knowie is an area of some kind in Poland, apparently. I rode around Poland on a motorcycle in the 90's. On the trip I learned that the roads in Poland are uneven, and once I bought petrified bread from a shop that apparently sold edible commodities. I also learned that you've got to be careful when opening the radiator cap if the motor is still hot. Luckily no-one got hurt.